What you get to learn in patient care assistant training program?

Patient care assistants also called patent care technicians, nurse aide, nursing assistants, geriatric aides and hospital attendants are health care professionals whose job is to take care of patients. To carry this job task, they need to work under the guidance of high authority staff members.
The duties of assistant would largely depend on three factors- training, experience, and type of facility one is working in. Amongst these all, one major factor on which duties of aide is dependent is training (a candidate pursuing certification would likely to do more amount of work, as compared to a candidate who is just garnering knowledge about the work profile of an aide).

Following procedures that are learnt by the candidate, during the training program:
  • Assist patients in feeding
  • Dress the patients
  • Make beds
  • Assist patients in day to day activities
  • Observe patient’s condition
  • Maintain records
  • Measure in-taking of food and liquid
  • Provide medications

Besides carrying out the aforementioned duties, a patient care assistant, during training also gets to learn about some additional duties, as well. Here are the major ones:
  • Help nurses and doctors
  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Making patients understand the treatment
  • Preparing and maintaining of documents

After learning all the duties, an aide gets to work in any of the health care centers that include: clinics, nursing homes, home health, hospitals, doctor’s offices, public health agencies, and acute care hospitals.

A candidate who attains some additional training program or certification, they would have to perform some of these tasks, as well:
Transporting of patients from one room to another
Maintaining of equipment, X-ray machines, oxygen tents etc.
Sterilize equipment
Maintaining the supplies of medications
Transporting of equipment from one department to another

Besides, learning the duties in a training center, a candidate also needs to develop his or her personality, as well. This helps in giving wider job opportunities to the candidate. This section includes:
  • Dedication
  • Service oriented
  • Strong enough to manage critical situations
  • Active listener
  • Good communicator
  • Good in conveying ideas

After grabbing all the education, a candidate surely gets to work in his or her desired health care center. A PCT gets opportunities of employment in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation care facilities; temporary agencies respite care, and home health care services. 

Besides, working in these health industries, patient care assistants also take care of elderlies, as well. Furthermore, working sector of assistants also comprise of assisted living facilities, homes residential care, nursing homes, retirement & life care communities & homes, sanitariums, and hospitals and convalescent homes.

If you are thinking to be a patient care assistant then attain training program from a certified institute (that is known for imparting quality education to their students).