A brief look at the various aspects of medical office administration program

Medical and health care industry is a diverse field comprising countless professions which are both medical and non-medical in nature. For those who do not want to be become doctors and nurses, can still become a part of this ever-growing industry by opting for administrative jobs. These jobs do not require dealing with blood samples or any surgery related aspect.

One such profession is that of a medical office administrator. To become one such professional in this industry, training is required in order to become expert in handling multiple paper works. The kind of work these people perform is similar to that of an administrative assistant or a secretary. However, unlike general assistant and secretaries, medical administrators need to have a clear understanding and knowledge of medical terms. They must also be knowledgeable of medical ethics and operation.

Types of training programs

Various vocational schools and community colleges offer medical office administration program and provide training in this field. One can also earn an associate degree or diploma for this profession. Although one can also get a promising job with only a diploma, but getting associate degree helps increase better employment chances. The person can secure employment in bigger medical settings.

There are some medical offices and hospitals that also offer its candidates with on-the-job training sessions, yet most of the office administrative assistants must have certain prior knowledge or they must have gone through some training programs.

Work settings

Candidates who have successfully gone through training program for this profession can find jobs in a number of medical office settings. One can see these individuals working in dental offices, psychology offices, hospitals, physician’s offices, etc. After a person has acquired skills from the training program, he or she can also become qualified to work in medical labs, insurance companies and companies that deal in medical supplies.


Training programs for medical office administration job helps students become prepared to work in different types of medical environments. The kind of courses that are typically a part of one such training would include medical terminology, office management, insurance, medical transcriptions, medical billing and coding.  Students also have to take up subjects like keyboarding, computer related software programs, work processing, and subjects related to medical ethics. Course associated with general education would include English and speech communications. These courses are mostly required in associate degree program and may not necessarily be a part of diplomas.

Training helps individuals secure better work opportunities by developing skills that make them stand out from competitors. In addition, the growth prospects for this occupation are only likely to increase in the coming future. Therefore, aspiring candidates can definitely take up medical office administrative as a career option.

Enrolling in a college or medical institute that provides quality medical office administration program can help you kick start your career in this occupation.