Pursue medical assistant training to do well in your medical career

There are a number of options for medical assistants which they can explore in the future once they have got enough experience and have gone though training sessions and programs. With right certification, experience and skill set, these professional can make a smooth transition and explore other divisions of health care industry.

In this section, we will discuss the available career opportunies for individuals who are a part of medical assistant profession. Read more to find out what those cross-train options are:

Nursing – NR and LPN

An MA who has good skills and knowledge and wants to explore other occupations in the medical industry can opt to become an RN (registered nurse) or a LPN (licensed practicing nurse). Both of these options are promising in terms of career growth.

Medical record technician

These technicians are required to take care of medical records and data and making sure to property utilize and record it. They act as a vital link between doctor and patients. They play a crucial role in overseeing and monitoring administrative activities that take place in a medical office! Without their help, it would be really difficult to utilize and distribute information among the patients and staff members.

Data assistants

You can utilize your medical assistant skills to become medical data assistant. By undergoing medical assistant training session at New York Medical Career Training Center in terminology, coding and transcriptions you can prepare yourself for this designation that requires a large knowledge base. The tasks that these professionals perform would be entering medical records and information into data base and offering front-desk services such as scheduling appointments, etc.

Billing and coding specialists

An MA can also cross train into this profession. The training to become medical coding and billing experts prepares the individuals about how to accurately utilize, store and process important information and data.

Medical transcriptionist

The knowledge received during the training session can further lead you to becoming a medical transcriptionist. Medical insurance companies, hospitals and clinics value these experts a lot. Their main job is to listen to and analyze the voice recordings, and then convert the recordings into written information.

Pharmacy aide

One can apply the skills and knowledge of a medical assistant by trying out the option of a pharmacy aide. the kind of duties and work that a pharmacy aide has to do can be ensuring delivery of drugs to the pharmacy and maintaining the stock of medical supplies, etc.

Physical Therapist Assistants

These assistants work to apply the techniques and application of heat and cold therapies. Along with some additional training sessions, a medical assistant can become a part of therapeutic team in physician’s offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical offices, etc.

As we can see, being a medical assistant opens a lot of doors for multiple opportunities and a number of promising career paths in the future with the help of some extra training.

A medical assistant along with additional specialization training courses can check out many promising and well paying professionals in the medical field.