Are you interested to be a medical office administrator?

If yes, then you need to fulfill the training requirements. Medical office administrator is a part of medical industry, which helps to keep the doctor’s office smooth running, without participating in direct patient care.

The task or duties of office administrators includes preparing of bills & reports of patients, keeping track of hospital supplies, maintaining insurance forms, communicating with doctors, medical facilities and patients etc.

However, to fulfill all the duties efficiently, a candidate needs to go through medical office administration program which comprises of three major aspects, which are discussed below:

Administrative and clerical training

To be good in preparing bills with accuracy, student has to first of all learn how to type. For this, he needs to be familiar with using of telephone, fax machine and computer. In addition to it, candidate must also know how to use software’s like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point and should have good knowledge of electronic medical records.

Billing is not just about handing over the bills to patients; it is also about retrieving and reviewing of patient records when patient require their history of bills immediately. And this is only possible when biller is good enough to handle the bills.
Oral and written communicative skills should also be good of a candidate. Administrator needs to be humble and soft spoken in nature. He should also be efficient in performing multi-tasks, as there are times when medical professionals have to be in there feet.

Coding and billing training

During the training program, student will learn codes of all tests, procedures and treatments that patient undergoes. For this, candidate needs to get familiar with CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9-CM coding. Candidate should be remembering all codes on his tips because any mistake in codes can lead to rejection of patient bill from insurance company and also cause losses to the health care center. Therefore, it is imperative that students understand the procedure that will help provide accurate billing and coding.

In addition to this, candidate must also be familiar with the HIPAA law or the Patient Privacy Act. This Act makes students understand that they have to respect their patient and keep their personal information secure.
Medical training

Office administration training does not only involve learning of administrative & clerical tasks, billing and coding process, but also involves theoretical study on the subjects of pharmacology, anatomy and physiology. This helps candidates to prepare accurate bills.

If you want to be an expert biller then definitely go for medical office administration program from a reputed training institute.