Patient care is not as simple as it believed, but still it’s worth it!

What is the job of patient care technician all about? What training is involved? After pursuing training, where can a candidate work? These are few questions that strike in the individual’s mind who is looking forward to be a patient care technician.
If you are one of them there take a look at this document that will give you a clear idea of the job tasks and training.

The term 'patient care' is quite understandable that it is something to do with hospital job and involves taking care of patients. A technician works in the medical field alongside doctors, nurses and other health care personnel’s.

Job description

Duties that a patient care technician has to handle are:
  • Assist nurses and doctors.
  • They have to take care of patients and their needs.
  • They have to conduct checkups before the doctors and nurses come to administer.
  • Keep track of patient’s histories, medical records.
  • The course of treatment is needed to be explained to patient.
  • Setting up of charts that involve patient's ailments, allergies, previous illnesses and the present treatment.
  • At times of tests, x-rays or scans they need to get the patients ready. Later they will collect the reports and file them properly so that doctors can go through.
  • Taking care of daily needs of patients like changing bandages, dressings, changing their bed sheets, feeding them and helping with their baths is also the duty of technician.
  • Besides patient care, they have to administer few other tasks like answering calls, and delivering of messages to patients or doctors, along with keeping a stock of supplies ready in health center.
  • They help patients to and from ambulances and wheelchairs.

Patient care training

To be a professional patient care technician, you need to pursue specialized training for it. The training program involves teaching of students proper communication skills, complete patient care duties, discipline in the field, maintaining of medical safety, medical terminologies and anatomy. 

Training part is divided into two sections classroom knowledge and practical practice. Classroom session involves theoretical knowledge and practical session involves had on training or real time experience of the duties of patient care technician.


Attaining training helps an individual to get job in various health care center that includes:
  • Hospital
  • Nursing home
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Clinics
If you want to be an expert medical health professional you must go for patient care training from a certified institute.