Important Responsibilities Performed by Phlebotomists

Starting a new career is the most exciting phase of life of an individual. Medical industry offers a lot of career options to those who want to make a successful career in this industry. Career in phlebotomy is considered as the most promising option today.

Phlebotomy experts play a major role in hospitals and clinics. They are the important individuals who collect blood samples of the patients and send those samples for different types of analysis.

Important responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a phlebotomy technician vary from one health care center to the other. They perform a variety of duties, out of which, the most important ones are as follows:

The phlebotomists take blood samples of the individuals and send those samples for further analysis.

Handling patients of different age groups is the duty of these experts. The phlebotomists are expert in collecting blood samples of kids, children, adults and aged people.

It is the responsibility of these experts to give specific marks to the collected samples in order to keep records and provide right report to the right person.

It is the primary duty of phlebotomists to ensure cleanliness at the place where they collect and place blood samples of the patients.

Furthermore, they must provide timely services to the patients.

Quality control is the major responsibility assigned to these professionals. They must take adequate measures to prevent contamination of collected blood samples.
These technicians also make use of specialized software to enter records of the patients and their test reports.

In some cases, these technicians are also asked to handle various clerical jobs such as answering calls of the patients and providing them significant details of different types of tests.


To make career in this field, it is a basic necessity to pursue a training program offered by a reputed college. One can collect blood samples from the right place only if are trained to do so. To handle such jobs, you must select a comprehensive training program to get expertise in this field.


It requires skills and sincere efforts to make a bright career in the medical industry. The technicians should possess strong knowledge base in different areas such as anatomy, chemistry, biology and physiology.

Apart from this, the technicians should be confident enough while performing their responsibilities in clinics and hospitals.

Therefore, if you want to make career in the medical field, then you must find a recognized college to start with your training.
Making career as a phlebotomy technician is not at all a bad option. You need to search a reputed college that offers variety of training programs in this field.