Profile of Patient Care Technician was never so popular before!

Jobs in allied health care are constantly rising. So if you are thinking about joining this sector, you are probably making a very good career choice. One of the careers which are currently in demand is that of a patient care technician.

Who are these medical professionals?

These medical experts are also known as certified nursing assistants. They go through patient care training which is meant to train them on how to take care of patients in various medical units such as hospitals, nursing homes, and physician’s offices. As one such professional, you will be required to work under the supervision of a senior doctor or a registered nurse. These are the people you will be reporting to in case of any problem. Most of your time will be spent with patients in looking after them.

Medical Job responsibilities

Patient care technicians’ duties encompass an array of responsibilities. A few of the most crucial ones include recording the patients’ vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate, etc. They also have to assist senior nurses and physicians while they conduct physical examinations and diagnostic tests, especially those working in private medical offices. Often times, they are also required to change the dressing and monitor catheter output.

Non-medical job responsibilities

Apart from the medical duties that a patient care technician has to take care of, they also offer valuable non medical services to the patients. Some of the duties, these medical professionals perform, which are non medical in nature are, taking care of patients personal hygiene such as bathing, shaving ,etc. They also assist patients in walking and taking them to bathroom. Sometime they also interact with patients personally to provide mental support and to know what the patient’s state of mind is. Whenever a patient needs some non medical help, these are the experts who respond first to the call.


Most of the allied health care and technical schools offer training programs for this medical job. To enter one such course, students must first complete high school diploma. The duration of a typical training program would be somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks. Subjects like physiology, human anatomy, nutrition, and nursing skills are a part of courses for patient care technician program. Most of the hospitals demand certification before hiring a candidate, and so training is essential.