Responsibilities of patient care technicians in health care institutions

Patient care technicians look after patients in hospitals, clinics and other medical care institutions. These experts are assigned with clinical, laboratory and clinical duties. In most of the cases, these professionals work under the guidance of expert physicians and their duties may vary according to one health care institution to the other.

These experts provide support to physicians and nurses by taking care of patients in the best possible manner.  Moreover, these professionals assist patients in their daily activities when they are admitted in a hospital.

Those who want to become a care technician should pursue a patient care technician education course. Pursuing such courses is the most excellent way to get the best possible knowledge about this profession.

Of the variety of duties that patient care technicians perform in medical institutions, the most important ones are as follows:

 Clinical duties

Patient care technicians perform a range of clinical activities such as noting down vital signs and symptoms, taking blood pressure readings and also conduct preliminary interview with patients.

Also, they help doctors in performing clinical diagnostics such as electrocardiograms. They also prepare patients for tests and screenings. Sometimes, under supervision of a medical expert, they also immunize people.

Laboratory duties

There are a variety of tasks that care technicians perform in laboratories.  They collect blood and urine samples and sent those samples to experts for analysis. Depending upon their expertise and knowledge, these technicians are assigned responsibilities in laboratories. The expert technicians are asked to analyze blood and urine samples of patients.

Clerical duties

In some health care institutions, patient care technicians are also responsible for handling paperwork of the institution in order to run it a smooth fashion. They prepare records of the patients and organize those records in a way that provides easy access in future.

In addition to this, they also answer phone calls and schedule appointments of patients with doctors.

Supportive duties

The experts who are working in hospitals may be asked to perform supportive duties such as helping patients in bathing and dressing. They also take care of diet schedule of the patients. Apart from this, they may change bed linens, cleaning rooms of the patients and also assist patients in their daily treatment and medications.

Furthermore, there are many more duties performed by care technicians. All you need to do is to get your registration done at a reputed college that offers a variety of training courses in this field.