Duties and Responsibilities of Patient Care Technicians in Health Care Centers

Patient care technicians are skilled professionals who provide hand on care to patients in clinics and health care institutions. These professionals work under guidance of expert physicians and keep doctors informed about prevailing health condition of the patients.

The demand for care technicians is on the rise with each passing day as the services of these professionals are required in different institutions such as clinics, rehabilitation centers and various other medical institutions.

The responsibilities of these professionals comprise of a variety of clinical, laboratory and clerical duties. There is a possibility that their duties may vary from one health care institution to the other. Some of the health care institutions hire these professionals for taking care of the patients and there are institutions that hire these experts not only for taking care of the patients but also for taking care of other activities performed in hospitals. For handling such responsibilities, it is necessary for candidates to pursue a patient care training program to gain knowledge and expertise in this profession.

Mentioned below are some of the important duties performed by expert care technicians:


These professionals perform a multitude of clinical duties. Routine activities include noting down vital signs and symptoms of patients, taking regularly blood pressure and temperature readings of the patients.

They also conduct preliminary patient interviews and perform clinical diagnostic testing such as electrocardiograms.

In addition to this, they also prepare patients for the treatment and sometimes, under guidance of an expert, they also provide medication to the patients admitted in the hospitals.


The care technicians pursue special training programs to perform a variety of laboratory jobs. Those who work in medical laboratories take blood and urine samples and sends those samples for further analysis.


These experts also handle paperwork in hospitals. They keep records updated and make available different types of information related with patients and doctors to other departments, playing a major role in smooth functioning of health care institutions. Care technicians also posses knowledge of computer and specialized software used in health care institutions for storing records of the patients.

In addition to this, they also answer phone calls and schedule meetings of patients with physicians.


In many clinics, these experts also provide supportive services, which mean they assist patients in doing their day to day activities such bathing, dressing and grooming. Besides this, they care of the food served to the patients. They ensure that all the patients are getting food according to their health condition.