Role and responsibilities of EKG technicians in health care industry!

EKG professionals are part of medical industry and are assigned with major responsibilities in health care institutions.  These experts are also known as cardio graphic technicians who pursue special training courses to get employed in hospitals and clinics.

These technicians are specialized professionals who are responsible for performing electrocardiography. This test is performed to diagnose abnormal heart beatings. The test is performed by placing two electrodes on the patient’s body to record electrical activity of the heart and printing that information on a paper so that a doctor can come to a conclusion.

An EKG technician in Queens is assigned with an array of responsibilities in health care centers, out of which, the most important ones are as follows:

1. Update patient records

Before performing this test, these technicians ask a few questions from the patients about their previous medical history, medicines, and treatment they are following. These experts make patients familiar with this entire procedure before they conduct electrocardiography on them.

2. Preparing patients for the test

These medical professionals not only perform electrocardiography but also prepare patients for this test. It is very important to position electrodes on patient’s body in the right manner. A single mistake or issue with placement of electrodes will generate inaccurate results. In addition to this, these experts also prepare patients for treadmill stress test and holter monitor test.

3. Handling special machines

The experts make use of different technologies to perform their duty of providing accurate report to the doctor. For fulfilling this purpose, they make use of a variety of switches to get accurate results.  They also adjust speeds while performing tests on treadmill stress testing equipment.

Apart from this, it is their duty to take care of all the machines. Maintenance of all machinery used is performing different tests is also the responsibility of these technicians.

4. Monitor patients

While performing this test, it is responsibility of these experts to ensure safety of patients. There is a possibility that any emergency may occur and urgent medical services required by patients. In such conditions, the technicians must have means to communicate with other medical experts so that a patient can receive right treatment at the right time.

Therefore, those who want to make successful career in this field should look for a reputed college or university to begin with a specialized training course.