Useful Information About EKG Technicians

Surely, it will scare you, if your doctor asked you to undergo electrocardiography. It is a test performed to record activities of heart. The experts who perform such tests ask patients to lie down and they will clean several areas on arms and chest to attach electrodes with skin. The electrodes are attached with a machine that records pattern of heart beat.

Why the test is done?

The main motive of this test is to record activities of heart. This test is used to measure:

1. Damaged caused to heart

2. Root cause of chest pain

3. It also determines whether the heart is beating at a normal rate or not.

4. The effects of drugs on heart

5. The size of four chambers of heart

6. The position of heart chambers

These tests are generally performed by expert EKG technicians. For performing such tests, they need to pursue a training program offered by a reputed institution. There are many colleges that offer EKG certification courses in Queens. Select the one that you think will make you an expert EKG specialist.

There are a variety of tasks performed by EKG technicians in hospitals, out of which, their major responsibilities are as follows:

Communicating with patients

First of all, these experts need to explain entire electrocardiography procedure to patients as they scare while undergoing this test. It is their duty to make patients fell relaxed and comfortable while undergoing test.

They also take care of previous medical history of the patients and update all information in his records.

Preparing patients for test

The EKG experts ensure that electrodes are placed correctly to get accurate results. Slight difference in placement of electrodes will not generate accurate readings. If recommended, these experts also prepare patients for stress testing and other tests
associated with detecting heart issues.

Handling different machines and equipment

There are a variety of machines, which EKG technicians use for performing different tests. It requires proper knowledge for handling different types of machines used by EKG technicians for recording heart activities.

Moreover, it is also responsibility of these technicians to keep these machines in running state. In case, if these machines need any repair, they must call experts for getting them repaired in a short span of time.

In addition to this, these specialists take care of all safety measures, which are necessary in order to ensure safety of patients while performing these tests.