5 Personal Traits EKG Technician Candidate Needs to Build

Undoubtedly, where on one hand to become an EKG expert classroom and hands on training is essentially important, on the other hand it’s equally important to have non-academic skills.

5 key personal traits a candidate needs to build in order to become successful in the cardiovascular field is as follows-


Medical professional needs to be attentive during his work schedule so that duties can be performed correctly. There is no chance of error to be made in medical field as it can cause risk of life for the patients. Important things can be noted down, which help the experts to carry out the instructions carefully and precisely so that no mistakes are, ought to be made.

Good physical condition

As medical professional have to be on their feet the whole day. EKG professional would have to stand the whole day, walk here and there addressing and attending patients, involve in activities like moving heavy objects such as EKG equipment and patient beds etc. Therefore, it is important for EKG technician in city like Queens or for that matter in any city to be physically fit, so that he can carry out the duties well.

Good attitude

Every day numerous patients come in medical health care centers. It’s quite hard and tiring for medical professionals to handle whole lot of patients each day suffering from variant medical conditions. This is where they need to keep patience, be humble and carry a good attitude so that patient feel comfortable while talking to them and sharing their medical issues.

Moreover, maintaining good attitude will also allow professionals to enjoy their job well. Therefore, one must keep a positive, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere so that everything goes well.

Handle stress

Likewise, it’s important to carry a good attitude, it important to handle stress as well. Patients can be difficult to deal sometimes. They might be rude, loud, but this is where medical professional needs to keep patience and be stress free in order to deal with such patients effectively.

Besides handling of patients, work load can also be more which might out professional into stress. Therefore, one must try to keep calm and be good while doing their job.

Effective communicator

EKG needs to constantly communicate with patients, doctors, nurses and other technicians. This is where they need to be good in communication as well so that no things are misinterpreted and things are carried out smoothly.


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