A Quick Glance On The Medical Assistant Career

Every individual has some goals to achieve. Some want to become a doctor, engineer, pilot or for that matter any other professional.

If you are interested to making career in medical field, but do not want to get indulge in long study period, then you can opt for other medical professions like that of nurse, phlebotomist or medical assistant.

With the increased demand of medical professionals in hospitals and clinics, the importance of medical assistants has significantly grown from the past times where emphasis was only on becoming a doctor (because of lucrative opportunities which a doctor get than any other medical professional).

However, still many may think the same way. However, it's just a hypothetical belief!

Today, be it a doctor, nurse of for that matter medical assistant, all has great importance in medical field.

Each have specified roles and are dependent on each other for some or the other work. For example, doctor is dependent on medical assistants for taking vital signs.

So, if you want to make career in medical field, but don’t want to go through years of study and training, then being a medical assistant is a great option. Medical assistant training in New York or for that matter anywhere else takes only a few months to complete the course.

Despite of the reason of recession or for that matter occurrence of any other problem, it is a stable and secure job. One can have a good living, if thinking to go for this medical field.

Medical assistant job task is to vary from one medical center to another. The bigger the hospital, more likely it is possible that medical aide would require handling huge duties and responsibilities, whereas a small clinic would have lesser duties to perform yet challenging.

Duties of medical assistant are categorized in two parts:

Administrative or clerical duties

  • Greeting visitors and scheduling appointments
  • Writing and recording of patients information
  • Managing of accounts
  • Maintaining of insurance forms
  • Handling of mails
  • Keeping the records

Clinical duties
  • Prepare patients for the medical tests
  • Maintain examination rooms
  • Assist the patient during physical examination
  • Perform diagnostic tests like EKG, X-ray
  • Take vital signs of patients
  • Maintain records of medication and immunization
  • Perform lab tests

In addition to these duties, some medical assistants might also have to perform additional duties. To name a few are assisting podiatric specialist in operation, X-ray exposure and cast making; perform eye tests to diagnose patient’s vision.