What is Nephrotic Syndrome And Role Of Dialysis Technician?

Kidneys filter excess water and waste from the bloodstream. People with damaged mechanism within the kidneys require dialysis therapy, as their kidneys are not able to properly filter water and waste from the bloodstream.

Therefore, they need to undergo a procedure where a dialysis machine is used to filter excess water and waste from the bloodstream. Subsequently, it helps compensate the body's missing water level and nutrients. Thus, dialysis procedure helps to regain a healthy balance of chemical compounds within the body.

Kidney failure causes many issues, but one of the most common illnesses is nephrotic syndrome. Reason behind this disease is focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, membranous nephropathy, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, amyloidosis, blood clots and heart disease.

In this condition, amount of protein gets imbalanced, which causes swelling in the ankles and feet.

Symptoms of this disease are foamy urine, swelling in the feet, and water retention. If any patient is suffering from nephrotic syndrome, he or she needs to often go for dialysis therapy. This would help maintain proper level of protein in their bloodstream.

Often patients feel let down by this whole process. This is where they need utmost love and care from their family members and professional health care provider dialysis technician.

Usually, during therapy, these technicians have to work closely with nephrology nurses and physicians.

Technicians spend a lot of time in delivering care to those patients and makes sure they are comfortable and relaxed. In addition to this, some other tasks, which they have to carry out, are good communication with patient, collection of vital signs, measurement of weight, charting, maintenance of equipment, procedural monitoring, patient follow up, and emotional support.

However, the exact job description would vary depending on the clinic one is working in. Therefore, if you want to make your career in this field, then it would surely be a lucrative career option because from the past few years hiring of number of technicians has significantly grown high in hospitals or dialysis clinics. The increase in prevalence of diabetes and heart disease has also led to the demand of such medical professionals. Therefore, do not think twice; get enrolled in a good training center.