Medical Office Administrator’s Contribute To The Functioning Of A Hospital

At hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, insurance companies or doctor’s offices, the first healthcare professional you meet is a medical office administrator. These trained professionals are responsible for handling office and administrator work at healthcare centers. They perform various tasks related to administrative work such as:

Handling files and records – Medical office administrators are responsible for managing files in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare centers. They manage records and histories of patients with computers.

Answering phone calls – They usually handle their work from front desk of healthcare centers. These professionals answer the calls of patients and enquiries. They provide information through phone calls.

Scheduling appointments for physicians – They also schedule appointments and meetings for patients and physicians. They manage the schedule of physicians.

Processing insurance claims - Medical office administrators process the insurance claims of patients. They fill forms and send them to the insurance companies for claims. They also handle the rejected forms and keep patients updated about the process.

Book keeping and billing – They are trained in the bookkeeping and billing process. They handle the e-bills and payments. They create, update, and delete the records.

Other tasks – These professional handle important mails and medical supplies. They provide administrative support to physicians and nurses.
Sometimes they also handle payment process at the healthcare centers. They make sure of the distribution of salaries.

They must have knowledge of the medical terminology, medicines, computer software, billing procedures etc. These healthcare office administrator must know how to use computers, fax machines, printer etc. They must have knowledge of computer software like Microsoft Word and Excel.

It is a good job for those candidates who like to help people. People who are organized and responsible are good candidates for this position. People who have good communication skills are also successful in this field.

Salary – Annual wages of medical office administrators is between 25,000 dollars to 40,000 dollars. Their salary depends on their experience and training. One can get from 21 dollars to 35 dollars hourly wages. Professionals with more experience can get more than that.

Anyone can make a career in this field after completing their medical office administration courses. At these courses, one can get trained in various tasks like billing, administrative work, medical terminology, transcription, medicines, insurance rules, anatomy, scheduling, records handling, database management, coding and many more. This course is for those graduates who want to make a career in the healthcare field. Demand for these professionals is increasing with every day.