How To Make A Successful Career In Medical Diagnostic Sonography?

Planning for a career in sonography? Before you make any move, it is of utmost importance to take out time to find out the best educational institute where you will get quality medical diagnostic sonography training in Queens.

Becoming a registered sonographer is important, because of increasing demand of employers who are seeking for only registered health specialists of this area.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is provided in the institutes. A list of subjects on which emphasize is laid on, are as follows:

Medical Terminology

Basic study about the medical words in correlation to sonography is taught foremostly. Few terminologies that are taught comprise of prefixes, suffixes, word roots, and combining forms.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and physiology of the human body is the next subject on which emphasize is laid on. Detailed study about the subject like cross-sectional anatomy and physiology of abdominal, vascular, obstetrical, and gynecological structures is provided during this course.

Patient Care Techniques

Medical specialists have to deal with patients directly. This makes the teaching of patient care more important, so that they can fulfill all the needs of patient proficiently.

Nursing care skills, scanning ergonomics, keeping patient information confidential, and enhance communication skills are taught to candidates.

Physics and Instrumentation

Broad range of physics topics are covered in it. Topics like computer technologies, calculations, mechanics, measurement, heat, fluid, gas laws, atomic and nuclear physics, electromagnetic, light and sound are covered in this subject.

Abdominal Study

Students are made to understanding normal and abnormal sonographic patterns, pathology, clinical signs and symptoms, and clinical laboratory tests. In addition to this, basic scanning techniques, laboratory tests and protocols are also taught.

Neck Sonography

Patients suffering from thyroid and para thyroid needs to go for ultrasound and many other things. The candidate studying this subject needs to recognize transducer cleaning, image orientation scan plane, transducer plane, and the ultrasound appearance of the pathologies.

Musculoskeletal Study

Imaging characteristics of common seen pathology associated with neonatal hip, neonatal echocardiography, musculoskeletal system, and neonatal spinal column are demonstrated to students.


During this course demonstrates clinical laboratory test, sign & symptoms of abdominal organ and small parts pathology to candidates.