Job And Responsibility Of The Dialysis Technician

Likewise, other health care professionals like doctors, assistants, and nurses carry out important medical duties in a health care center, dialysis technicians too need to do the same. But difference lies in the job tasks of dialysis technicians with other health professionals.

Dialysis technicians are ones who have to carry out blood transformation activity by kidney dialysis machine. Besides this prime duty, a dialysis technician in New York or elsewhere is responsible for carrying out various other tasks as well, which are as follows:

Preparing patient for the dialysis

Foremostly, patients are made prepared for the procedure. For proper functioning of the process, two large catheters re connected with the arm veins of patient. Once this has been done, two pipe like equipment are inserted, one for the outflow of blood and other for the inflow. This all seems to be quite scary, hence, dialysis technician responsibility is to make patients comfortable and prepare with the use of equipment.

Operating the dialysis equipment

To carry out the process of inflow and outflow of blood efficiently, dialysis technician need to operate the dialysis equipment. They are trained and certified for it. The equipment is inspected before its use, to ensure everything goes well.

Proper sterilization is done to reduce the risk of infection (because different patients are put on the dialysis machine, which might cause health risk, if not sterilized).

Monitoring patient on the machine

Job task of technician is not just to carry out the blood inflow and outflow procedure. In addition, they need to monitor patient on the machine as well.

Before starting the process, patients’ blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and other vital signs are to be recorded. Likewise, while during the process, same things are to be recorded again, in order to assure patient health is not at risk (body is responding well to dialysis process). In case of any problem, technician will call the doctor right away.

Provide reports of patient to physician

After the completion of procedure, proper reports are to be prepared. It should have complete details of the significant observations and change in patient condition. The reports must be submitted to registered nurse or physician. Therefore, accuracy of results is must because further treatment is based on it.

Maintain safety regulations/requirements

In order to reduce infection and maintain safety of patients, proper safety regulations are maintained by technician.