Boost Your Career with Effective Medical Assistant Training

Likewise, primary physicians, surgeons, RNs, and other higher-level healthcare provider, medical assistants (MAs) too play a valuable role in the hospitals, physician’s offices, and healthcare facilities to carry out essential day-to-day operations.

To become a skilled MA, an individual need to go thorough medical assistant training program. Following are few duties that will be covered during the training program-

Clinical duties

MAs do not require performing invasive procedures as physicians, but certainly, they too have important responsibilities to handle in health care center.

Following are few important clinical tasks that MAs require to fulfill-

Recording a patient's medical history: Before doctor or nurse starts with the treatment, MAs need to note down all the medical history of the patent. This includes current symptoms, medical history, risk factors, and other relevant concerns. The entire information will help primary physician to diagnosis the patient and proceed with treatment.

Explaining medical concerns to patients and their families: It is important to make patients and their relatives understand the medical issue from which they are suffering. Discussion over the individual's diagnosis, symptom, treatment options, prescribed medication, dietary restrictions, and other key matters is must.

Preparing patients for examinations: Before medical examination takes place, medical assistant will inform the patients about the examination procedure, so that they can get prepared for it in advance.

Administering medications: In some cases, MAs will provide medications to patients as prescribed by doctors. If needed, they would be required to refills prescriptions as well.

Performing medical procedures: Few tests and exams that MAs are said to perform include-
  • Drawing blood and other specimens

  • Collecting specimens and recording results
  • Performing electrocardiogram (EKG) test 
  • Removing stitches and sutures
  • Replacing dressings

Administrative Duties: In addition to clinical duties, MAs will require to perform administrative duties, which usually comprise of front desk tasks. Following are few administrative tasks-

Helping out new patients: Assistants will help patients in filling forms and submitting to respective primary physician.

Answer queries of patient- Any doubts or questions of patients are to be answered by MA.

Managing appointments: MAs are required to answer patient phone calls, schedule appointments, and call patients to remind about upcoming visits etc.

Contacting insurance companies: Assisting patients in completing insurance forms and contacting providers if any issue in insurance process, is job task of medical aide.

Entering patient data: Maintaining data for all patients is job task of MA. He will require to enter and update patient records.