In What Ways Medical Assistant Is Helpful In Carrying Out Hospital Tasks

Medical aide needs to carry out various duties while being on the job. However, duties depend on the working location and residing place of an aide.

After pursuing medical assistant training medical aide needs to carry out certain duties that are-

Clinical duties: Medical assistants are health care professionals who need to carry out many essential duties in health care center. However, their job duties differ from primary physicians, surgeons, RNs, or other higher-level healthcare providers. Clinical duties that they have to fulfill comprise of-

Recording patient's medical history: Before visiting the doctor, medical assistants requires preparing a document of patient that comprise of current symptoms, medical history, risk factors, and other relevant concerns that is necessary for primary physician to know so that proper diagnosis and treatment plan could be made.

Making patients and their families understand about medial procedures: Medical assistants will be required to meet patients and their relatives for discussing about the facts related to individual's health. Diagnosis, symptoms, treatment options, prescribed medication, dietary restrictions, and other key matters are discussed with the patient.

Preparing patients for examinations: Before carrying out medical examination, assistants need to inform patients about different steps of the examination.

Administering medications: Besides carrying out examination, medical assistants need to prepare medications for patients. After preparing, they need to deliver to them and make them understand the timing of taking the medicines.

Performing medical procedures: Few tests and exams are needed to be performed by medical assistants. This includes-

Drawing blood and other specimens
Performing tests on collected specimens
Record test results in the patient's medical chart
Perform an electrocardiogram (EKG)
Remove stitches and sutures
Replace wound dressings

Administrative duties: In addition to clinical duties, medical assistants need to carry out administrative duties on the front desk of hospital. Following are assigned administrative tasks-

Assisting patients and their families: Forms of patients need to be provided to patient or their family. Form needs to be filled properly and submitted to primary physician. This duty is of medical aide. Assistants might often also need to facilitate visitor check-ins for current patients.

Managing and scheduling appointments: Medical assistants require answering patient phone calls and schedule appointments for them. Reminders are to be made by aide for upcoming visits.

Contacting insurance companies: Medical assistants are often asked to complete insurance forms, contact providers if there are any insurance related issues.