What Candidates Learn In Cna Training Program?

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) requires taking quality care of patients under the supervision of nurses. There are many responsibilities that a certified nursing assistant needs to fulfill. The job requires long hours to fulfill the duties. However, a candidate require going through CNA training in NYC or elsewhere.

Following are few duties learned by candidate during the training program-
  • Feed, bathe, and dress patients- Basic needs like bathe, dress, and feed of patients are required to be taken into consideration by certified nursing assistants. Patients that certified CNA candidates need to take care of include stroke victims, the elderly residents of nursing homes, or individuals recovering from an accident, injuries, or surgeries in a hospital.
  • Take patient vital signs- Vital signs from temperature to blood pressure, CNAs require taking and recording it. This is a routine task that health care aides need to fulfill. Candidate working in this profile needs to make positive impression on the patient's so that they do not get worried about the treatment process.
  • Serve meals, make beds, and keep rooms clean-Besides meeting patients' basic needs, certified nursing assistant also require serving meals to patients, making beds and keep rooms clean. This is essential duty of such health care aides. 
  • Keep medical equipment ready and assist higher authorities with some medical procedures- To carry out medical procedures, medical equipment are required to be stored and set. CNA candidates would require keeping the medical equipment ready. Sometimes, they might require moving tools from one room to another for the next examination of patient. Candidates who are pursuing higher level of training might also assist with or perform some medical procedures like drawing blood.
  • Answer calls- In many situations, CNAs might require calling for help. Thus, they need to be good in communication, so that they can interact better the patients and high authorities. Observation is quite necessary to be done, so that patient’s condition or behaviour can be noticed regularly.

From the above points, you must have gotten an idea what duties candidate require need to fulfill, if they are getting training in certified nursing assistant field.

Finding a reliable institute is must that could provide quality training. If you are looking for one reliable institute, make sure to count upon few factors like experience, credibility, and quality deliverance of work.