Make A Right Career Choice As Nursing Assistant

CNA stands for certified nursing assistant. They are the ones who work under supervision of nurses to provide high quality services and care to the patients. CNA training in Brooklyn provides skills students to further provide quality care to residents in nursing homes, clients at home and patients in hospitals. CNA training classes take from six to twelve weeks for completion. They prepare an individual for employment as a nursing assistant. It deals with five principals of care including Safety, Privacy, Dignity, Communication and Independence. CNAs are employed in hospitals, nursing homes, community care facilities, and home health aide in patient’s homes.

During their training course they attain the skills of learning which includes recording patients pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure etc. They are further guided with right techniques to assist patients in getting well soon.

Role of CNA
  • Provide dietary care to patients, such as serving of meals, keep record of their diet.
  • Help patients and family by giving them emotional support
  • Help in maintaining hygiene of the patients
  • Check their reports on regular basis

Eligibility criterion for CNA training-
  • Should be 16 years old
  • Attend orientation program
  • Should have a copy of x-ray of chest and TB report
  • Bring current photo ID/Drivers License/Passport/or state issued ID card

Course details-
  • Patience hygiene
  • Basic nutrition
  • Patience communication
  • Record vital signs
  • Bed making

Benefits of CNA-
  • Hands on Experience
  • Licensed Instructors with Professional Experience
  • Course Length 4-8 Weeks
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Provide public transportation

Preview of the program-
  • It is a certified program
  • Nurses are provided with proper uniforms and a watch.
  • There is always an instructor in the labs

After completion-
  • After completion of the program, students are eligible to apply for the state examination to become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).
  • They will develop skills to work in any health care environment.

Finding a job-
  • Once a person is completed with its CNA program, it’s time to start making your career which starts with making up of resume prior to your job. Many schools provide job placement services. Other job search methods includes-
  • Newspaper ads
  • Employment services
  • Hospital recruiters
  • Job sites
  • Referrals

Reasons to become CNA certified-

Exposure to healthcare industry-CNA’s work with professional nurses from day to day life. This becomes beneficial for them to understand their work in meet future requirements.

Rewarding career-No doubt that the job is little demanding, but at the same time it gives inner satisfaction in helping patients to recover from their sufferings.