What Are The Course Requirements Of Becoming A Phlebotomist?

The phlebotomist is someone who draws blood from patients and collect blood samples for medical test purposes. He is considered to be the important person of clinical laboratory as his work is highly responsible. He has to remain attentive in his task, and should possess great communication skills and should enjoy his job well.

When phlebotomy collects blood samples from the patients, they are at high risk of getting contaminated by the disease. So they must train themselves very well in taking precautionary measures like laboratory safety and restrict to policies.

It takes 3 month duration to get specialized as Phlebotomy Technician. Once you get the certification, it becomes the stepping stone to your career. Also you quickly enter to the medical field and attain lot of experience

Job requirements-

Phlebotomy Degree courses in NYC-Most of the students opt for both classroom course and on the job experience and most of them prefer to take associate's degree because to pursue this course college degree is not required. When you get enrolled for these programs, you will go through subjects that include blood collection process, communicating with patients, CPR and many more. This may be theoretical, practical or clinical.
Course topics are-

Health related announcement
Infection control process
Safety control
Techniques to collect blood samples
Blood sample grounding in the laboratory
Medical associated legal problems
Medical basic principles

Certification- after the completion of the training program, graduates can go for the job of phlebotomy technicians. Employers usually seek for the graduates to hold on certification credentials. Once you become certified phlebotomists, you are required to annually renew your certification of degree. This is because incase in future if you are interested in continuing education, then for that you need to follow this procedure.

Degree is divided into three levels-

Associate- this type of degree is granted to those individuals who don’t have the college degree. This degree is given separately.
Certificate- certification is not necessary but very beneficial. Because in long term, when you apply for a job, it benefits you much. In this degree after completion you shall be a certified phlebotomist.

Bachelor- this kind of degree is pursued side by side through your college degree. In other words. This is particularly for those who want to study other courses as well as get hand on experience.

License requirements- in some states, it is observed that phlebotomy technicians are required to be licensed if they want to legally work in the following state. This requirement varies from state to state, so in order to work in their department, you will have to talk to licensing department.