What All Aspects Are Covered In RMA Training?

With the increase number of healthcare centers, the demand for medical assistants is at top. A medical assistant is a professional in the healthcare industry that assists the doctor during different medical procedures. Being a medical assistant, is a responsible job as it involves both assisting the doctor during different medical procedures as well as performing the administrative work.

However, to become a skilled RMA, proper training is very necessary from a reputed medical institution. The NY medical assistant training covers number of aspects that are an important part of the training.  Some of the topics that is included in a RMA training are-

Studying anatomy, physiology and medical terminology-   To become a RMA you need to know about the basic structure and function of human body.

The medical assistant training includes studying anatomy, physiology and all the necessary medical terms, specialities and other, medical terminologies.  You can also learn about the common diseases and disorders through this course.


It is a technique of drawing blood from the vein. The course will provide you proper training on how to draw blood and carry out other laboratory tests. Moreover, each student is given an opportunity to practice the basic skills under the supervision of their instructor.

Medical billing

The medical assistant training course also provides their students the overview of all the medical insurance, coding and billing procedures.  Students learn the procedure of claiming the insurance for the patients, submitting, and rejecting the claims and other required procedures.


Most importantly, students learn the major functions of cardiovascular system and blood supply of the heart.  The trainer will explain the importance of EKG and how to demonstrate it. Apart from this, students learn to use the different machines and switches that are necessary during the EKG procedure. Students can also practice the basic techniques under the guidance of their instructor.

If you are looking for a career as a medical assistant, you need to have a medical assistant training from a reputed medical school. You can find number of medical institutions in different parts of the world.  Therefore, it is always advisable to first completely research about the requirements and ensure that the school you choose to attend is an accredited institution with experienced staff and teachers to help you with a bright career in this field.