Healthcare Topics That You Must Learn To Become A Medical Assistant

Medical assistants work at healthcare facilities performing both administrative and clinical duties at job. Their job duties include taking vitals, specimen, providing assistance during medical exams, handling administrative responsibilities and more.

It is a highly regarded career with lots of job opportunities. However, to enter this profession, you must have knowledge of some essential healthcare topics. It includes –
Healthcare – A medical assistant must get the vital knowledge of several healthcare topics. It includes EKG, phlebotomy, anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. Knowledge of these topics is necessary to help you perform your job duties as a RMA. You must learn about phlebotomy as it will be your responsibility to draw blood and gather specimen from patients. Medical terminology helps you in understanding about various diseases, medication, procedures etc. You also need to learn about different laboratory procedures and techniques. You need to learn how to use various lab equipment, sterilizing them and more.

Office administration – To complete the administrative duties as a RMA, you must learn about medical billing, office administration etc. You need to learn how to handle insurance claims, coding procedures, producing insurance claim forms, resubmitting rejected claims and computerized billing. Since handling patient’s records is a RMA’s responsibility, so you must know about these procedures. 

Technical – You also require some technical knowledge for this profession. You must learn how to use different essential office equipment such as computers, fax machine, and adding machines. This knowledge can make office administration much easier for you. You also need to learn typing and keyboarding to handle office related work like processing documents.

But, where can you learn all these topics? How can you be trained appropriately to become a medical assistant? Answer is by completing vital RMA training. There are many schools that offer this program, which is the stepping stone of a rewarding career as a medical assistant. You must find a respected school in your region for this training. Medical assistant training includes various theoretical classes as well as hours of internship.

Theoretical classes provide you much needed information on different healthcare topics. You also get classes in Microsoft Word, Excel etc., to enhance your technical skills. In internship, you get essential practical experience, which can be very helpful during job. You get hands on experience and the opportunity to see the work profile in this field.