What All Duties A Medical Assistant Performs?

Medical Assistants (MAs) work as the right hand for doctors, as they assist them in their work. Be it a physician’s office, hospitals, clinics, and any other healthcare facility, they all need MAs.

To be employed as a medical associate, an individual is required to obtain medical assistant training from a reputed career training institute. There are numerous benefits of obtaining training from a reputed training center. The training center provides hand on training to the students so that they can perform the duties that will later on help them implement them when they are hired.

Following are some of the duties that are performed during the training program-

Clinical duties-

The responsibilities of MAs are not similar to the physicians, but certainly, they need to perform assured task to assist the healthcare professionals.

Some of the clinical tasks that MAs perform are-

To monitor patient's medical history- as the patient visits the doctor, the first thing that medical assistant has to do is to record medical history of the patent like checking the symptoms, risk factors, and various other concerns. 

Explain medical concerns to patients-the next thing after monitoring the patient is that the MA has explain and discuss the medical problem with either the patient or with their relatives.  

To prepare patients for medical examination- the medical assistant has to take the patient to the examination room and discuss the procedure with them so that they can mentally prepare themselves in advance.

Administrative Duties:-

Other than clinical tasks, Medical Assistant is responsible for performing administrative tasks as well. The main task is to monitor and work on front desk work.

Few of them are as follows-

Assisting new patients- medical assistants will assist patients and help them to fill up the forms and submit them to required physician.

Answer queries of patient- MA’s has to answer to the queries to the patient.

Managing appointments-other than this, MAs is liable to answer patient calls and other, to schedule appointments.

If you become a medical assistant, you will get a rewarding career as it has lot many opportunities to avail from this profession. Therefore, if you want to become a successful medical assistant, make sure you obtain training from a reputed training center.