Job Options You Can Explore After Completing Medical Assistant Training

Medical assistant profile is a lucrative career option, if you wish to work in medical field. With least training time-period, quality learning, and practical knowledge, candidates can gain good job opportunities.

In addition to this, candidates also have different job options to explore after completing medical assistant training. It includes -

Registered nurse (RN) - Nursing profile is first best career option that you can opt for after competing training. It is highly professionalized and good career field to enter. RN focuses on patient care, supervise staff, and pre and post-operative job tasks. They may also require working on the behalf of nurse supervisor, medical office nurse, and ambulatory care nurse.
Medical record technician-Patient records need to be maintained to keep the workflow of hospital or clinic on track. This is job task of medical record technician.

Medical data assistant- Candidate working under this profile requires handling office administrative duties. This includes recording of patient data into database, scheduling & cancelling appointments, and claiming insurance of patients from the insurance companies.

Medical billing clerk- After completion of treatment or consulting doctor, bill or fee is ought to be paid. Medical billing clerk is one who looks into this matter. He prepares bills of patients, take payment from patients, submits documents to the insurance company for adjusting the claims and more.

Medical transcriptionists- Transforming of medical reports on paper, editing medical letters, making corrections is job task of medical transcriptionist. The medical expert should have good editing skills accompanied with high degree that justify their job.

- Medical expert who draw blood, jot down patients’ blood pressure, heart rate and other human specimens is a phlebotomist. They are ones who work in laboratory of health care centers and conduct medical tests of patients.

Pharmacy aides- Pharmacy aide expert is one who keeps track of the medications and drugs stock in the store. They require keeping record, so that timely delivery of medications provided to specialists. They need to maintain cash register as well.

Physical therapist assistant- ROM exercises, cold and hot therapies, and various other physical therapy techniques are great alternative of treatment done with medications. Expert who is experienced in performing these is physical therapist assistant.

Dialysis technician- Expert who jots down patients weight, blood pressure and temperature is dialysis technician. Before going for the dialysis process, patient needs to meet dialysis technician.