Which Topics You Require To Learn In A Medical Assistant Training?

Medical assistant training is the program that prepares trainees for this profession. This training includes various vital topics that an aspiring candidate must know about to become successful in this profession. Here are the major topics you must learn to become a registered medical assistant (RMA)-

Anatomy & physiology – It is one of the major topics that you must learn about if you want to enter this profession. It is a RMA’s responsibility to assist other health professionals at the healthcare facilities. It can be very difficult to perform your job duties if you are unaware about the anatomy and physiology. In your course, you can learn about the functionality and different systems of human body.

Medical terminology – For this profession, you must have the knowledge regarding medical terminology. You must know about different terms, specialties, and measurements. It helps you in understanding the work process of a healthcare facility. In addition, it also helps in your job, which is assisting other health professionals.

Billing – Billing is an essential part of this career. This is the reason why you must learn about the topic of medical billing. You must know about the insurance claim process (filing, sending, resubmitting etc.), handling payments and more. It is a topic that is included in every medical assistant training program whether in New York or any other city.

Phlebotomy – Phlebotomy is a vital part of healthcare industry. It is used to collect blood samples for lab procedures or other reasons.

However, you must know about this aspect as a medical assistant. You must learn about the blood drawing methods including butterfly syringe, needle syringe, evacuated tube system etc. Skill development and practice of different phlebotomy techniques should be a part of this program. This training helps you in assisting other healthcare professionals on job.

EKG – You are required to learn about the EKG procedure if you want to enter this profession. It includes training in cardiovascular system, EKG equipment, rhythm abnormalities, blood supply of the heart, and more.

Office administration – As a medical assistant, you need to learn about office administration as it is a part of your job duties. You must know how to process documents, handle records, make appointments, manage office etc.

Technical – You are also required to learn about technical aspects of this career. It includes use of equipment like computers, fax machine, adding machines and more.