Essential Skills To Become A Successful Phlebotomy Technician

Today, a number of students want to make a career in the healthcare industry and phlebotomy is a good career option. Although, it is a new profession but it is becoming widely popular because of increasing number of job opportunities.

However,  to be a successful phlebotomy technician, you need to possess certain skills and qualities.

As phlebotomy technicians are required to work directly with patients, they should have good interpersonal skills including-

Communication Skills - Good communication skills are very important to be a successful phlebotomist.  This is  essential for the patient’s safety as patients may share their fears regarding needles or blood and it falls to the phlebotomist to help them relax and overcome such fears.

Friendly and Gentle Bearing - One needs to be friendly with the patients in order to help them relax during the whole medical procedure. With a gentle and friendly manner even an uncooperative or agitated patient can be reassured and made to feel comfortable.

Attention to Details - Not only are the phlebotomists responsible for drawing blood from the patient’s vein but once they have the sample, they have to carefully label it to avoid any confusion later.

If you have been considering a career as a phlebotomy technician but feel you need to work on developing the necessary skills then fear not. All you need is the right training from a reputed institution.

New York Medical Career Training Center is a well-known medical school that provides quality phlebotomy technician training. The school was established by Doctor Nand Panjwani in 1997 and has successfully trained hundreds of medical professionals.