Topics That Are Covered Under A Medical Assistant Course

A medical assistant is a medical professional who is responsible for helping doctors during different medical procedures. However, in medical field, you have to compete proper training to become medical assistant, who are also known as RMAs.

 A number of topics are covered under a medical assistant training program and some of them are mentioned below.
  • Anatomy, physiology and medical terminology - To become an expert RMA, you must have proper knowledge about the basic structure and function of the human body. Hence, the course emphasizes on various systems of the body including, gastroenterology, cardiovascular, neurology, and others. Students can also learn about different medical terms, medical measurement etc., through this course.   
  • Phlebotomy - This course teaches proper technique of drawing blood. Students are given an opportunity to practice their phlebotomy skills under the supervision of the instructor. Through this course, students also learn proper methods of applying gloves, masks, and gowns for laboratory procedures.     
  • EKG - The program includes the description of internal and external structure of the heart. Students are given an opportunity to practice their EKG techniques too. Trainees also learn to use different machine and switches that are necessary during the EKG procedure.
  • Laboratory procedures and techniques - This course includes the proper techniques and various guidelines of different laboratory procedures. It also explains the proper techniques of examining different body systems such as eye examination with the help of Snellen’s and Jaeger charts, ear examination with audiometer, blood withdrawal for measuring the glucose level with the help of sterile lancet and so on.
However, to obtain proper training, you need to look for a reputed school that provides quality medical assistant (RMA) training. But before choosing one, do not forget to check the accreditation of the school.