What Makes A Successful Medical Assistant?

A medical assistant is a professional who works for various healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics and more. The medical assistant (MA), plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry.

The medical assistants are expected to be expert in different area, which include clinical, administrative, and laboratory. Moreover, they are responsible for handling both clinical and administrative duties, such as billing, record maintenance, drawing blood, documentation etc.

A professional is also required to deal with the patient, communicate, and make them feel comfortable. So, if you are thinking about pursuing a career as a medical assistant, here are some of the qualities and traits that you need possess.

  • Empathy- It is important for an individual to understand the needs, concerns, and feelings of the patient. So, make sure you have a feeling of empathy towards you your patients, if you are willing to make a career as a successful medical assistant. Your patients should feel comfortable and with you during the appointment or other medical procedures.

  • Dependability- The doctors, patients and other members of the healthcare institutions are all dependent on medical assistant for some work or the other. So, it is very important for you to be reliable and punctual towards the job.
  • Strong communication skills- This is the most important skill that a medical assistant should posses. An individual needs to communicate clearly and effectively with the patients as well as the doctors.

  • Listening skills- Good listening skills are equally important. You will be required to listen to the needs and concerns of the patients and provide the required help.

In addition, it is very crucial to look for a school in Queens that provides quality medical assistant training in New York. However, make sure that the school you choose is accredited from a recognized authority.