Responsibilities And Tasks Performed By Certified Nursing Assistants

There are many institutes that provide nursing assistant training in the New York. This career is very fulfilling and there are certain requirements if you want to build a career around this profession. Some of them are stated as follows:

Work With Medical Experts:
You work under the doctors and the medical professionals that are assigned to patients. You follow their orders in a professional manner, keeping the needs of patients in mind. Tasks like personal hygiene of patients, sponge baths, bedside assistance and other routine tasks are performed by the nursing assistant.

Daily Work:
You perform tasks like changing the patient's gowns, linens and bed sheets changing, providing clean towel, personal care, blankets and pillow sheets, providing meals to the patients. It is the personal duty of the nursing assistant to make the patients comfortable and show compassion and understanding as patients are in the delicate emotional state at such time.

Helping Patients With Medical Procedures:
CT scan, surgical procedures, MRI, X-rays, blood samples, etc are also carried out by nursing assistants. They help patients on their wheelchairs and help them to and fro one part of hospital to other part. Patient charts and other patient information is carried by nursing assistants all the time and they do their best to make the patient comfortable so that their tests and procedures run smoothly.  
Carrying Medical Equipment:
stant training in the New YorkIV lines, oxygen masks, injections and medicines, and many more medical equipment is also transported by the nursing assistant along with the patients to different wards or surgery room. They even at times quick response squad or even join ambulance team. The tasks like CPR, first aid, EMT assistance are also part of the job when it is required.
Easing The Patient’s Worries:
The patients who are worried about having a medical procedure, or who are really anxious about a major surgery have to be comforted and prepared mentally and physically for the medical procedure. Post surgery, CNAs, vital signs like respiration, BP, temperature need to be evaluated and if there is any sign of health deterioration, then nurse assistant have to call for immediate help.
Certified nursing assistant have different duties from place to place but it is crucial that you know the responsibilities and duties that are required of them before you enrol in the certification and training for this job.