What Makes a Good Phlebotomist Technician?

Phlebotomy is the medical procedure of collecting blood samples from the patient’s body by making an incision in the vein. Not only blood sample, rather it also consists of collecting bodily fluids.

The phlebotomists are responsible for organizing the blood samples once they are taken and to maintain a clean and sterile environment in the room.

Being trained as a phlebotomist is one of the easiest way of entering the medical profession. However, to be a successful phlebotomist technician, an individual needs to possess certain specific qualities or skills.

phlebotomy technician

Here are some of the qualities that make a successful phlebotomist.

  • Ability to multitask- The laboratories are usually the busiest place in the hospitals. Doctors, nurses and even the patients rely on the test results in order to determine the actual treatment process. Therefore, phlebotomists must have the ability to multitask to deliver the test reports on time, without any delay.    
  • Listening skills- Listening skills are very important in any medical profession. A phlebotomist must possess good listening skills to help patients feel comfortable and secure during the procedure. Moreover, listening skills are very important for the safety of the patients as the patient may share some important information such as certain allergies or fear of needles. Any such information will help you take care of the patient     properly.    
  • People’s skills- A successful phlebotomist should possess good people skills. Regardless of the behavior of any patient, a phlebotomist should to take care of patient properly and answer all the questions asked by the patient. Moreover, he should also provide all the necessary information to the patients regarding phlebotomy procedure.    

However, to become a successful phlebotomy technician it is very important to get the right training from a reputed school. New York Medical Career Training Center is a popular medical school that provides quality phlebotomy technician training in the region.